An Unprecedented Year

2019-2020 TFFC Annual Report Overview

From the President

Over the past year, the world has changed in profound ways—some great, some tragic, nearly all unforeseen—and without a doubt, things will likely never return completely to the way they were. Throughout these changes, we have worked hard to ensure our mission moves forward and that our initiatives and tools evolve to meet the varying needs of youth and families in foster care. It certainly has been a challenge, but this year’s work has felt meaningful in ways that truly matter more than ever before.

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The State of Foster Care

In the Eastern Region (Tidewater) or Virginia, the children in foster care are…





Black children are approximately 3 times more likely to be involved in the foster care system than White children in this region.

Cases received by Child Protective Services from children of Foster Care…
50% Neglect
30% Parental drug abuse
15% Physical abuse
7% Parental incarceration
5% Sexual abuse

Of all cases reported inadequate housing.

The two largest groups of Foster children
(Ages range newborn-20)

The ultimate goal is to bolster existing systems and help break cycles that create the need for foster care.

Tutoring Updates

As schools closed we adapted and distributed 65 Chromebooks to help meet new needs for digital learning.

Despite challenges, we preserved 80% of our tutoring relationships and were able to add 30 new students while increasing our contributions to 10hrs a week of support.

Foster Care Aware

As a response to the world-wide pandemic, we took this initiative into the virtual realm, holding a month-long summit on foster care through our TFFC Village Facebook Group.

Check out the entire series of interviews, panels, and lectures on YouTube.

Our biggest announcement during Foster Care Aware was the launch of our Prospective Parent Program.

The Prospective Parent Program is our way of supporting people who are considering fostering by providing them with emotional support and accountability they need to thrive through the process.

Special Events

November 2019
iHeartRadio’s Movin 107.7

We collected hundreds of backpacks and teddy bears.

February 2020
Western Branch Philanthropy Group

We received over 200 hand-decorated duffle bags and filled with comfort and hygiene items.

Foster Youth Training

Despite the state of the world, we offered courses in wellness at the YMCA in “Leadership and Goal-setting”.

We also hosted a College Fair including 9 local organizations offering post-secondary options for high-schoolers.

Professional & Foster Parent Training

We partnered with The Barry Robinson Center to host Mary McGowan, Directer of the ATTACh Organization, as she presented "Hope for Healing" to give evidence-based insight for those struggling with behavioral and attachment challenges and to help improve the lives of foster children and families.

Gifting Projects

2019 Holiday Project Results

Increase from Last Year

Total Children Helped

Total Birthday Wishes Granted

Developement & Investment

In Fiscal Year 2019, we invested 93% of all donations in program services!



Our Outlook is Bright

Even as this year has been unprecedented, we've had so many people sign up to learn and become involved in helping children and families in foster care. We're proud that our Village is growing stronger and closer every day with new members.

“Yes, I want to be part of the solution.”

Thank You to All of Our Sponsors & Donors

This is only the beginning…

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